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What Muscle Attaches To The External Occipital Protuberance

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May 17, 2010  · 8. triangles of the neck 1. Dr. THAAER MOHAMMED DAHER ALSAAD SPECIALIST IN GENERAL SURGERY M.B.Ch.B.(MBBS) F.I.B.M.S.(Ph.D …

Structure. Each vertebra is an irregular bone. The size of the vertebrae varies according to placement in the vertebral column, spinal loading, posture and pathology.

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Muscles of the Pelvis and Perineum – Listed Alphabetically; Muscle Origin Insertion Action Innervation Artery Notes; anal sphincter, external: perineal body or …

The Norma OccipitalisThe temporal bone is one of two bones that form parts of the sides and base of the cranium. A temporal bone on each side of the skull joins the parietal bone along …

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