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What Squirrels Hate

Squirrel DeterrentsGrey Squirrels are as native to the UK as you are. Professor Acorn dispels the myths.

The ALL ABOUT SQUIRRELS site article answers the question What Do Squirrels Eat with some great pictures too. Mostly vegetarians, but not always!

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Squirrels Ate My Wiring! Serving the community since Friday, May 18th 2001. Updated: Thu Oct 18 00:20:55 MDT 2007 Hello! Welcome to www.squirrelsatemywiring.com

Squirrel photographs, photos, pictures and information about the squirrel threat to mankind! also, games, stories, puzzles, clip art, and more…

Useless. Squirrels can and will chew through netting. Dogs and cats might chase one up a tree, but they’ll be back as soon as they turn their back.

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