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What Technology Did The Romans Use

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BBC Primary History – Romans – Technology … Acropolis [a-CROP-olis] The Acropolis is a large hill in the centre of Athens.

Roman technology is the engineering practice which supported Roman civilization and made the expansion of Roman commerce and Roman military possible for over a …

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Roman Military Technology and TacticsMad emperors, brutal entertainments and lascivious lifestyles. These are the familiar images of ancient Rome, but what was it really like?

The Celts and Romans The Celts in Iron Age Britain. In the Iron Age, the people of Britain lived in tribes. Today these people are often called ‘Celts’.

Calculations. Did the Romans use fractions? The Romans didn’t have a standard way to write fractions using their numerals. Instead, they just wrote out the word for …

Introduction: Students will learn about Roman architecture, technology, and medicine by becoming teachers for a day. Students will participate in a class discussion …

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